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Protect Remote Workers with these Top IT Tools

Experts at Specops Software have compiled their top 10 IT tools for businesses dealing with remote workers. ...

The number of hacked companies worldwide more than doubled since January of this year, according to a recent survey by Arctic Security It’s no surprise that both employers and employees are concered about the rise in COVID-related hacking, especially considering the large number who recently moved to remote working. 

Interested in safeguarding against future attacks, experts at Specops Software have compiled their top 10 IT tools for businesses dealing with remote workers. 

Top Ten Tools: 

  1. TightVNC 

TightVNC is a free desktop sharing software particularly popular amongst business users and IT managers. For IT managers, it allows for the complete monitoring and control of another computer remotely, eliminating the fear of not knowing what an employee is up to. 

  1. Clonezilla 

Clonezilla is a free, open-source toolkit designed to clone disks and hard drives, as well as facilitate backup and disaster recovery – perfect for businesses requiring uniform set-ups across their remote workforce. 

  1. Windows Sysinternals 

Windows Sysinternals is an easy to use utilities site that helps managers and admins to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose Windows systems and applications. 

  1. Microsoft Account Lockout and Management Tools 

The Microsoft Account Lockout and Management Tools are a great set of applications for when something goes wrong. It presents a range of tools allowing admins to manage accounts and troubleshoot account lockouts. 

  1. mRemoteNG 

A fork of mRemote, mRemoteNG is a nifty open source software that allows for the effortless viewing and monitoring of remote connections across an employer’s workforce. 

  1. BooZet 

The great range from BooZet freeware eradicates the fear of losing files ever again. Its four types of freeware allow the user to index contents across a range of disks, backup drivers, view saved 3DMark results easily and clean systems. 

  1. Notepad++ 

An enhanced version of the original Windows app, Notepad++ is a powerful text editor which includes a multitude of features such as: 27 programming languages, supporting syntax highlighting, synchronised edits and views, and more. 

  1. PuTTY 

PuTTY is the perfect open source terminal application for system admins, developers, network engineers and other IT professionals that need to connect to remote systems. It is great for basic technical chores alongside secure file transfers via a range of methods. 

  1. Specops Password Auditor 

The Specops Password Auditor is a neat little tool to ensure the security of passwords across a workforce.  Specifically, it allows the admin to scan their Active Directory for password-related security vulnerabilities. 

  1. Specops Password Notification 

Last but not least, the Specops Password Notification enables IT admins to configure password expiration email reminders to be sent via their own SMTP server, letting IT admins communicate password expirations to remote users. 


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*Based on figures obtained from Semrush on 11/05/20.?