Nickel Digital announces a multimillion rebalancing trade as Bitcoin touches $60,000

The announcement comes after the investment manager finished their first full seven-day-week of trading ...

Nickel Digital Asset Management (Nickel), the regulated and award-winning investment manager connecting traditional finance with the digital assets market, is pleased to announce a multimillion rebalancing trade for existing investors in the Digital Gold Institutional Fund, the Nickel-managed bitcoin fund, on Saturday 13 March, the day bitcoin touched the $60,000 mark, providing its clients an opportunity to capitalise on a sharp price movement over the weekend.

This is the first weekend trade carried out by Nickel within its new modus operandi of trading seven days a week, allowing maximum flexibility to its clients. This comes in sharp contrast with any existing exchange-traded ETPs or ETFs, which remain hostage to the working hours of underlying legacy exchanges that typically are closed for business from Friday evening until Monday morning.

Anatoly Crachilov, CEO and Founding Partner of Nickel said: “Nickel Digital is leading the way being at the forefront of financial innovation, bringing 24/7 efficiency of the underlying crypto market to professional investors in traditional finance. In this fast-moving space, we are now facilitating 7-days a week access to the bitcoin market as a standard, offering Nickel’s clients an unparalleled competitive advantage.”

Michael Hall, CIO and Founding Partner of Nickel added: “This comes on top of the already industry-leading fee structure of the Nickel-managed Bitcoin fund and the use of sophisticated trading algorithms working through consolidated orderbooks to ensure the best price execution for our clients.”

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