MYNDUP joins London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE

Mental health startup reduces stress, anxiety and depression in 96% of users thanks to ELITE backing...

Mental health startup MYNDUP, which is on a mission to end the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to mental health, has announced that it has joined London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) ELITE – an international business support and capital raising ecosystem for ambitious and high growth companies. MYNDUP joins 1,400 companies that make up ELITE’s strong international community of entrepreneurs, advisers and investors.

MYNDUP offers live one-to-one video sessions with mental health professionals that cover all facets of the mental health spectrum, from therapy and counselling through to life coaching and meditation. Joel Gujral, founder and CEO of MYNDUP created the company after going through his own mental health journey, and having difficulty finding tailored support through his employer.

Joel says, “My own struggles gave me an insight into the services that are so commonly available to individuals, especially within the work environment, and opened my eyes to the fact that a better solution needed to be on offer. I’d like to thank the London Stock Exchange Group for believing in my vision and supporting me on this journey to helping as many people as possible. Through this programme, I’ve been matched with four fantastic mentors, who’ve helped me with everything from my technology through to strategy and finance.”

One of Joel’s mentors, Scott Calver, Director, Equities Fixed Income & Derivatives at LSEG says, “I became involved with MYNDUP & Joel through the LSEG Entrepreneur Mentoring Programme and straight away I could see how relevant and exciting the business proposition was. Through the scheme Joel’s enthusiasm and leadership skills shone through which enabled him to earn a place on the ELITE programme.
“Mental health is a topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment especially due to the impact of the global pandemic. Big corporations are acknowledging the wellbeing of staff is more and more important and the MYNDUP proposition is a unique and engaging way to tackle mental health.”
Another of Joel’s mentors, Tom Luker – Head of Strategic Partnerships at LSEG adds, “Joel has taken MYNDUP through a rapid 12 month growth cycle from an initial idea to a company servicing over 30,000 employees across 4 continents. He is driven and passionate about mental health and to show the world that these solutions are for everyone at any point in their lives.”

Since its introduction last year, MYNDUP’s users have rated the service at 4.8 out of 5, with 96% stating the service has reduced their overall levels of stress, anxiety and depression, and 99% reporting improved levels of confidence, motivation and productivity. MYNDUP was able to produce a 280% ROI for a global asset management firm, measured by directly correlating increased productivity and reduced stress with the investment made by the client. Similarly, a global real estate customer experienced an ROI of 101%.

MYNDUP has been able to transform the way companies view mental health, and has achieved industry-leading engagement rates of over 48%, compared to an industry average of just 1-4% for similar mental health services. Furthermore, up to 45% of bookings from some clients come from senior management. This illustrates MYNDUP’s appeal to employees of all seniority.

Joel adds, “The success we’ve experienced in the first year of trading has been incredible and I’m now looking to expand our global presence, to become the world’s go-to mental health solution, changing lives through helping people one-to-one. I’m looking forward to continuing my partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group to help make this a reality.”

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