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London Tech Week brings you the ultimate guide to the UK’s burgeoning tech scene

As London Tech Week 2020 draws to a close, the organisers announce a new initiative.....

London Tech Week today announces plans to definitively map the UK tech scene highlighting and promoting the best businesses, innovators and thinkers operating across the country. 

Over the next 12 months, London Tech Week and UK Tech Cluster Group will explore the unique ecosystems and tech trends in every region of the UK. From space tech in the South West to cybersecurity in Northern Ireland, 12 Clusters of Tech charts the companies, sectors and case studies that make up the entire UK tech landscape. 

The initiative will shine a spotlight on businesses highlighting startups, SMEs and the established bigger companies who together form the engine room of Britain’s booming tech sector. 

This work will also become a unique resource for investors, the media, tech stakeholders and other groups who have an interest, vested or otherwise, in tech enterprise.

London Tech Week Festival Director, Suzy Pallett, said: “London Tech Week has always been about celebrating the very best of UK tech and we believe this initiative will take our understanding of what this country has to offer a stage further. 

“If you’re interested in the north, the south, the east or the west we’ll have it covered showing the very best in innovation and highlighting hotspots of tech specialism across the different regions.” 

David Dunn, Chair, UK Tech Cluster Group, said: “I am delighted we are partnering with London Tech Week for the development of 12 Clusters of Tech. We will be highlighting some of the amazing companies from across the UK and showcasing technology to the rest of the world. From exciting startups to established employment powerhouses, there is a lot to be proud of across our ecosystems and we will be telling the story by putting businesses in the spotlight.” 

The initiative kicks off this month in the North East, which is not only transforming the face of the region itself but is having a sustained impression on the world. Startups, scaleups and established leaders alike work with some of the planet’s biggest brands and have an international reach, which seems to know no bounds. 

The event’s fully virtual format has proved highly successful enabling a truly global audience to convene, network and collaborate without restriction.  

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