i-invest Online - 7 new customer implementations amidst COVID-19 pandemic

7 new customer implementations amidst COVID-19 pandemic

As remote work and collaboration escalate, cloud-driven solutions are taking an integral role in guaranteeing business continuity while positioning companies for growth. Customers across the board are accelerating their digital transformation....

Eka Software Solutions has announced seven new customer project implementations in the first quarter of 2020. These projects were implemented across multiple businesses from agriculture, energy, bankingmetals and mining.     

Built on the cloud, Eka’s platform is designed to accelerate implementation with seamless customer collaboration across ecosystems, advanced mobility and an easy, virtual onboarding experience in a secure environment. The platform’s highly intuitive user interface further reinforces Eka’s customer experience. Implementations are supported by impactful online training from Ekademy – Eka’s rich education portal which is a cornerstone of the company’s client-centric approach. 

Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka Software Solutions, said: “We went into the COVID-19 crisis with a strong business continuity plan to keep our employees safe, ensure customer service and accelerate new implementations. Eka’s platform was built on a secured cloud environment that allowed us to switch to remote implementation seamlessly and ensure our customers receive the same standards of quality regardless of where our teams were working from.” 

Companies choose Eka for its platform’s unmatched flexibility and its ability to implement solutions on time and on budget. Showing its commitment to customers and staff, Eka formed a COVID-19 task force at the start of the pandemic to identify measures that enabled project schedules to be met in extraordinary circumstances. These include virtual training, distributed teams carrying out user acceptance and remote testing and support during system implementation.   

In a series of ‘firsts’ for Eka and its clients, customers commented on the commitment shown by the company to ensure projects are delivered on time through the challenging environment. A customer from a large agri-business complimented the work Eka was doing to deploy solutions during this disruption. 

Garg went on to say, “We have always had a customer-centric approach. Our cloud platform is designed to be easy to implement, with seamless integration and inherent mobility. This allowed us to navigate through the disruption and continue to serve our customers’ needs. The high number of projects going live at the start of this year shows the innovative capability of both our platform and personnel. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved.” 


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