Market forecasting: the top three IPOs to watch in 2021

With high-profile IPOs hitting the headlines on a daily basis, including the likes of Deliveroo, Dr. Martens, Darktrace, Moonpig and Bumble, Evgenii Tiapkin, Executive Director of Freedom Finance Europe, advises on the top three IPOs to watch in 2021...

“As we see it, tech companies such as UiPath, along with healthcare businesses such as Oscar Health, and delivery service companies like Instacart, are going to have the greatest potential this year,” explains Evgenii Tiapkin, Executive Director of Freedom Finance Europe.

“The above companies are on the list of the most anticipated IPOs in 2021. Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery services, with its order numbers having increased by 500% YoY in March to May 2020. Instacart employs Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter for its IPO sometime in early 2021and the company value may reach $30B. Back in October 2020, it raised $200M in investments and was already valued at $17.70B.

“UiPath is a software company that focuses on developing a robotic process automation (RPA) platform. In December, UiPath confirmed it submitted a private IPO application. It also recently raised $750M at Stage F of the investment round, reaching a value of $35B.

“Finally, Oscar Health Insurance is a technology insurance company founded in 2012, which had raised over $1.50B since its inception. The money was used to launch insurance products for families, small businesses, and those with Medicare Advantage plans. Oscar Health’s telemedicine platform was also a success.”

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