Bolt integrates with Google Maps to expand transport options

Bolt integrates with Google Maps, expanding the London mobility options on offer through Google’s journey planner. ...

Bolt, Europe’s leading on-demand transportation platform, announced its ride-hailing service is now listed within Google Maps, expanding the London mobility options on offer through the popular journey planner.  

Users of Google’s journey planner functionality in Google Maps will now be offered Bolt rides within the ride services tab when searching for directions around London. Additionally, information such as the estimated cost of the journey and the vehicle categories on offer, is displayed directly through the interface, alongside estimated pick-up and journey times.  

Nearly 15 years ago, Google Maps set out on the enormous challenge of mapping the world. It now helps more than one billion people navigate, explore and get things done in the most efficient way possible.   

Sam Raciti, Bolt UK Country Manager, said: “Today, we’re making it even easier to travel in and around London with the integration of Bolt into Google Maps. Whether it is for all or part of their journey, having access to drivers on the Bolt platform through Google’s popular route-finding service empowers users to make better informed decisions about the quickest and most efficient way to reach their destination. Our mission has always been to make urban mobility simple, seamless and safe, and we are delighted that this integration will take us closer to reaching that goal.”  

Last month, Bolt announced the addition of a multiple destinations feature which allows customers to request rides with stops at up to three locations with an estimated fare for the entire journey. Customers create additional stops by selecting the small plus sign on the right side of the address box when searching for a destination in the latest version of the app. The driver will see the route with all the stops in their Bolt driver app after the ride has commenced.   

Bolt has experience rapid growth in the markets where it operates across Europe and Africa. The company has approved more than 35,000 licenced drivers to use its platform in London and charges up to half the commission taken by some ride-hailing operators.  Last month, Bolt announced a €50 million funding agreement with the European Investment Bank.  


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