Livi fully implements remote work as part of the new normal worklife

Over 600+ current employees across five markets and prospective employees will be able to work from anywhere as per our distributed working policy...

The european leader in digital care, Livi, today announced that it has launched a new policy allowing employees to work fully remotely from now on.

As a digital first company, we believe in the power of digital technology to empower people to do their best work while giving them the flexibility they need. 

The purpose is to attract new talents without the limitation of geographic borders and to meet the needs of our employees for greater flexibility. We are an organisation which strongly commits to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace therefore, we must create an environment which accommodates all our current and prospective employees. 

Transparent communication and technology have been key enablers for Livi to move fast and challenge the traditional way of delivering healthcare. The pandemic forced all employees to quickly adapt and work remotely, but this distributed way of working proved to unlock both opportunities and potential. 

Anna Fredrixon, Head of HR at Livi said: “During the peak of the pandemic we managed to quadruple our healthcare provision output within a week, all done remotely. Great people are truly the foundation for success, and 2020 really proved that having trust and focus on empowering our employees is the way forward when creating a great place to work. It is the output that counts, not where the work is done” 

Livi will continue to invest and offer great inspiring offices to work in, in selected cities, for those who want to. We will also allow fully remote work for those who prefer that setup and will allow a mix for those who want to work partly from home and partly from an office. We call this a distributed way of workingWe already have the technology and tools to enable this way of working and we will continue to invest in such tools for us to master a distributed way of working, working asynchronously.

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