Brexit Britain: Where We Fall Short

As the UK leaves the European Union, now is a great time to take stock and look at what industries are the most prevalent across the UK, as well as the gaps which need to be plugged. ...

Research by Utility Bidder has analysed the latest ONS UK business activity data to reveal the most common industries around the country. 

The UK’s Top 10 Most Common Industries 

RankIndustryNumber of Companies%of CompaniesPercentage change from 2019
1Professional, scientific & technical467,59517.01%-0.87%
3Business administration & support services235,7558.57%3.06%
4Information & communication225,7458.21%-0.21%
6Arts, entertainment, recreation & other services175,7206.39%0.98%
7Accommodation & food services161,6955.88%2.97%
9Agriculture, forestry & fishing148,8455.41%-0.46%
10Transport & Storage (inc postal)123,0754.48%10.52%

The experts at Utility Bidder have commented on the research saying:
“It is unsurprising to see that the ‘professional, scientific and technical’ industry is the UK’s most common industry, as this has been the case for over the last 10 years through which the industry has seen stable growth.
“For the 6.39% of UK’s businesses who make up the ‘arts, entertainment, recreation & other services’ industry and the 5.88% of those who account for the ‘accommodation and food’ industry, it will be a tough year due to the coronavirus pandemic, which will impact heavily upon the number of these businesses operating in the economy in the future. Despite the 3.95% growth across these industries from 2019 to 2020, we will likely see a significant decrease in the number of businesses in these industries over the next year if the necessary investment is not provided.
“The ‘Transport & Storage’ industry has seen huge growth in the last year. This is likely to be due to the increase in popularity of online shopping and the globalisation of retail industries and it is likely that the industry will continue to grow over the next year, with the coronavirus pandemic encouraging more people to shop online.”

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