aixigo provides the world's fastest API-based Wealth Management Platform for creating individual, innovative and profitable wealth management services. Their platform enables banks, financial service providers and wealth managers to digitalise their service offerings.   Combining quality and the strictest regulatory compliance with speed, aixigo helps banks, financial service providers and wealth managers to digitalise their service offerings. The focus on the end customer enables aixigo to create unique, innovative and profitable wealth management services for their clients. Arnaud Picot is the CEO of aixigo.
Steve Tzikakis is the CEO of Sitecore, which was founded in Copenhagen back in 2001. Sitecore is a digital software company that delivers a digital experience platform and content hub to over 5,000 brands, including L'oréal, Microsoft, United Airlines and Puma. The firm has now expanded to over 20 different countries.
Aarin Tech-Fin are a vibrant addition to the European Fin-Tech landscape. They are a scale up company specialised in embedded & open finance, offering a distinctive 360 degree approach & seamlessly blending technology, regulation & services. Founder & CEO, Ticiana Amorim, a serial entrepreneur entering the global era. Alongside her, Co-Founder Ruda Galvao & Beatriz Neiva bring their sales & marketing expertise to the table, propelling into the forefront of innovation.
Nicola Wadham, the CIO of the Financial Ombudsman Service, and Jamie Mason, a Digital Transformation Consultant from Oaklin, sat down with Chloe Tilley, presenter of Times Radio. They discussed the importance of hybrid working and how to get it right, alongside some thoughts on the path forward – including some healthy scepticism of the current iteration of the Metaverse!

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